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Bài hát More Than A Friend Báo Lỗi

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Lời Bài Hát More Than A Friend

You got me counting the secondsIt happens every timeI'm waiting for the momentwe can sit down and talk for a whileAnd every time that you're near memy heart is running awayHow can I tell you when words don't come easyand there is so much I'm trying to say[Chorus:]I wanna know that love will surround usand you'll share it with me every dayTell me you'll care for me now and foreverI'll give anything to hear you saythat I'm more than a friendI'm gonna try in the futurenot to live in the pastI guess that I was a dreamerif I thought it could ever lastBut every time that I see youyou bring me out in the sunHow can I hide it when we are togetherI just know that you're the only one[Chorus:]I wanna know...I wanna make you seeeverything you are to meTry to understandI wonder if you canThe love I have for youwill always be true

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