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Bài hát You Took My Heart Away Báo Lỗi

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Lời Bài Hát You Took My Heart Away

Staring at the moon so blueTurning all my thoughts to youI was without hopes or dreamsI tried to dull an inner scream but yousaw me throughWalking on a path of airSee your faces everywhereAs you melt this heart of stoneyou take my hand to guide me home and nowI'm in love[Chorus:] You took my heart awaywhen my whole world was grayYou gave me everythingand a little bit moreAnd when it's cold at nightand you sleep by my sideyou become the meaning of my lifeLiving in a world so coldyou are there to warm my soulYou came to mend a broken heartYou gave my life a brand new start and nowI'm in love[Chorus:]You took...Holding your handI won't fear tomorrowHere were we standwe'll never be alone

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