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Bài hát The Rose Báo Lỗi

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Lời Bài Hát The Rose

Some say love it is a riverThat drowns the tender reedSome say love it is a razorThat leaves your soul to bleedSome say love it is a hungerAn endless aching needI say love it is a flowerAnd you it's only seedIt's the heart afraid of breakingThat never learns to danceIt's the dream afraid of wakingThat never takes the chanceIt's the one who won't be takenWho cannot seem to giveAnd the soul afraid of dying that never learns to liveWhen the night has been too lonelyAnd the road has been too longAnd you think that love is onlyFor the lucky and the strongJust remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snowsLies the seedThat with the sun's loveIn the springBecomes the rose

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