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Bài hát Angel Eyes Báo Lỗi

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Lời Bài Hát Angel Eyes

Ah ah ha...
Last night I was taking a walk along the river and I saw him together with a young girl,and I looked that he gave her a many shiver.'Cause he always used to look at e that way ,and I thought maybe I should walk up to her and say,Ah ah ah,It's a game he likes to play
Ref:Look into his angel eyes,one look and you're lived the time,He'll take your heart and you must pay the price,Look in to his angel eyes,you 'll thinl you are in paradise.And one day you'll find out there's a disguise.Don't look too deep into those angel eyes.Oh ,no no
Ah ah ah
Sometimes when I lonely I sit and think about him and hurts to remember all the good times,When I thought I could never live without him.And I wonder it have to be the same?Every time when sees him ,will it bring back all the pain,How can I forget this name


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