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Lời bài hát Hello - LL Cool J


Sáng tác: Chưa rõ

Thể loại: Âu Mỹ, Rap / Hip Hop

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Tin Tức

[Chorus: Amil]

Hello, hello (yo, yo) [repeat 6X]
Call me on the telephone..

[LL Cool J]
Whether, 2-1-2, or 7-1-8
Or 9-1-4, I love it hardcore
When it's over the phone, it's safe to do it raw
Imaginary worlds we could both explore
(Hello) Baby what you wearin right now?
(Hot pants) My girl ain't around, let's get down
And I hope the phone's tapped, let's pretend you on my lap
(I'm bouncin up and down with my shoulders back)
(Nigga you like that?) You see I'm runnin up my bill
Momma might hear me, but you just too ill
I got your flicks lined up, stereo low
Cherry flavored grease beneath my elbow
If I was there what would you do? (I'd lay you on your back)
(Ride or die daddy, and I love it like that)


[LL Cool J]
You the freak of my dreams, the reason that I keep on baggy jeans
(Oooh, I love me a nigga from killer Queens)
(I'ma rub up on your muscles, ride 'til I'm sweatin it)
(I bet you I can make you cum first) Throw the bets in
I'm a nasty nigga, made to order
Kiss below the border with a warm glass of water
Is you wit me? (Yeah) Tell me how it taste
I promise I'll keep the telephone right in my face
How it feel? (Feels good) Where you at? (In the hood)
(Talkin on the phone like a good girl should)
(To my nig', baby I'ma reach my peak)
Strawberry shortcake, good enough to eat
(And I taste mad sweet) We big freaks
Blastin off on the phone seven days a week


[LL Cool J]
I throw sugar in the water so the ice tastes sweet
to make sure your ex-man can't compete
Shower curtain on the bed, warm baby oil
G-string sittin like a snake in a coil
(Hold on, I think somebody on the other line)
Interrupt this nut I'ma bust, you out your mind
Lay back, imagine us chest to chest
Tongue-kissin deep while we spark a sess
(Everything is crazy, L do it the best)
Ridin rough baby, put my pipe to the test
(On the telephone?) Yeah, this is the ill zone
I wanna make you moan until it's a dial tone [BOOOOO]
However you want it baby, I'm raw to the bone
Three (three) two (two) one (one) telephone


[LL Cool J]
Yeah, yeah, knamsayin? Word up, that's what I'm talkin about
All you gotta do is hit me, word, I'll call you right back
Yeah.. (??) move this out
Hahaha, what you want me right now
You gon' make me crash or somethin, hehehe, word up
Uhh, uhh
It's that real shit

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