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Bài hát Better Half Of Me (Acoustic Mix) Báo Lỗi

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Lời Bài Hát Better Half Of Me (Acoustic Mix)

Broken promises that are like road killThey’re on the side of the streetConcrete casualties of loveChewed up and spit outRaise high then drop down and nowI don’t know what’s left of meAnd I collect myselfAnd crawl through the shadowsReach out my hand to the sky and shout outI’ll never make these same mistakes againCause someone out there holds the key to my heartAnd do everything to tear it apartBy never allowing myself to let you inWhen all I want is for you to seeThe side that I don’t show to anyoneIn fear that they may turn and runAlone and incompleteNo more tears to cryNo more blood to bleedI’ll fall forever endlesslyWhen you should be the ground beneath my feetThe better half of me

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