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Bài hát Queen Of My Heart Báo Lỗi

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Lời Bài Hát Queen Of My Heart

So here we standIn our secret placeWith a sound of the crowdSo far awayAnd you take my handAnd it feels like homeWe both understandIt's where we belongSo how do I say?Do I say goodbye?We both have our dreamsWe both wanna flySo let's take tonightTo carry us throughThe lonely timesChorus:I' ll always look backAs I walk awayThis memoryWill last for eternityAnd all of our tearsWill be lost in the rainWhen I've found my wayBack to your arms againBut until that dayYou know you areThe queen of my heartQueen of my heartSo let's take tonightAnd never let goWhile dancing we'll kissLike there's no tomorrowAs the stars sparkle downLike a diamond ringI'll treasure this momentTill we meet againBut no matter how far(Matter how far)Or where you may be(Where you may be)I just close my eyes(I just close my eyes)And you're in my dreamsAnd there you will beUntil we meetchorus (2x)Oh yeahYou're theQueen of my heart(Of my heart)No matterHow many years it takes(Queen of my heart)I'll give it all to youOh yeah(Queen of my heart)Oh yes you areThe queen of my heart

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